Who We Are

We are an international group of researchers who are committed to the empowerment of axolotl and other salamanders for research purposes. Since 2018, our community has gathered to hold meetings where we not only exchange scientific progress, but also discuss issues that are necessary for the progress of the field.

Next Meeting

Amphibian Research Center, Hiroshima, Japan on July 31- August 2 2024

History of Meetings

  1. Research – Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna in 2018
  2. Northeastern University, Boston in 2019
  3. The 3rd edition of the meeting for 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  4. Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD), TU Dresden, Germany in 2021.
  5. Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey on 22-24 August 2022.

Committee for transgenic axolotl lines

  1. Ji-Feng Fei, GDG Hospital, China
  2. Stephen Randal Voss, University of Kentucky, USA
  3. Member from Tanaka group, IMP, Austria
  4. Hillary Maddin, Carleton University, Canada

Committee for gene nomenclature

  1. Ji-Feng Fei, SCNU, China
  2. Elly Tanaka, IMP, Austria
  3. Prayag Murawala, MDIBL, USA
  4. Sergej Nowoshilow, IMP, Austria
  5. Stephen Randal Voss, University of Kentucky, USA

Committee for antibodies list

  1. Crystal Rogers, UC-Davis, USA
  2. James Godwin, MDIBL, USA
  3. James Monaghan, Northeastern University, USA
  4. Rosario Sanchez, LMU, Germany

Committee overseeing general website maintenance

  1. J Heath Fuqua, MDIBL, USA
  2. Joel Graber, MDIBL, USA
  3. Sergej Nowoshilow, IMP, Austria
  4. Stephen Randal Voss, University of Kentucky, USA

Committee for website funding

  1. Andras Simon, Karolinska institute, Sweden
  2. Elly Tanaka, IMP, Austria
  3. Jessica Whited, Harvard University, USA
  4. Joshua Currie, Wake Forest University, USA
  5. Karen Echeverri, Marine Biological Laboratory, USA
  6. Katia Del-Rio Tsonis, Miami University, USA
  7. Prayag Murawala, MDIBL, USA
  8. Maximina Yun, CRTD, Germany
  9. Stephen Randal Voss, University of Kentucky, USA

Terms and Conditions of use

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By submitting images and data to AxoBase, you give AxoBase permission to re-display these images on any page of the website.


AxoBase is a community driven project. We thank MDIBL for their support in maintaining this website. With more support from the community and funding agencies, we hope to integrate other features in the future.

Contact us

To ask questions, point out any problem with the content, or suggest improvements to AxoBase, please email info@axobase.org.

Website Author

  1. Chris Wilson, USA