Salamander Antibodies

Dear Salamander community. Finding reliable reagent for use in salamander models can be a challenge. The community has compiled a list of trusted reagents to help you with your salamander research. The database can be previewed below, or you can login (with a free account) to the database with full search capabilities for application, target or species at the following this link.

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Antigen Target Cell Types Example Images Vendor Secondary Validation Dilution Fixation Application Isotype Clone Name Species Reactivity Description Catalog Number Vendor Page Link Publication Links Notes Submitted By Rating
alpha Smooth Muscle Actin (aSMA) Mesenchymal markers Invitrogen/ThermoFisher no 1:50-1:100 PFA,Methanol,Acid alcohol IF- Froz Mouse IgG2a 1A4 Axolotl,mouse,Newt,human mural cells (VSMCs and myofibroblasts) Works on frozen but a difficult antigen on Paraffin. Smooth muscle around blood vessel should be used as a positive control Godwin Lab 3
Anti-pan Cytokeratin antibody [AE1+AE3] Epithelial Abcam comes prediluted PFA IHC-P Mouse IgG1 AE1+AE3 Axolotl,mouse,human Ab961 works well in double immunos with anti-collagen type IV antibody (Ab 6586). Roy lab Montreal 4
Anti-SOX-9 Antibody Other Sigma/Millipore 0.388888889 other IF- Froz,IF-P 2B10 Clone 2B10 is a ZooMAb rabbit recombinant monoclonal antibody that specifically detects human and murine SOX-9. It targets an epitope with in 24 amino acids from the C-terminal region. ZRB5535 N/A Paraffin sections require TE buffer antigen retrieval , 30 min, 80*C. Both frozen and paraffin sections should be blocked with 5% BSA in PBS/ 0.1% Tween20, 1h , RT. Antibody staining in 1:500 dilution, ON, cold room (+6*C). Anastasia Polikarpova/Tanaka lab 5
B3-tubulin Neural markers Sigma/Millipore 0.215277778 PFA IF- Froz Mouse IgG2a TuJ-1 Axolotl,mouse Good labelling of axons MAB1195 N/A Wilson/Tanaka 5
beta3 integrin Other Cell Signaling 0.180555556 PFA #4702 N/A N/A need antigen retrieval by ProK(5mg/ml) 20min or longer satoh lab 4
c-Jun Other Cell Signaling 1:50 PFA IF- Froz Rabbit Poly 9165S Axolotl epitope retrieval using boiling sodium citrate buffer pH6.0, 10mins 9165S N/A Echeverri 4
Collagen III ECM markers Abcam no 0.111111111 PFA,Methanol IF- Froz,IF-P Rabbit Poly ab7778 Newt,mouse,Axolotl Collagen III ECM marker N/A Godwin Lab 4
Collagen IV ECM markers Abcam no 0.180555556 PFA,Methanol IF- Froz,IF-P Rabbit Poly ab6586 Newt,mouse,Axolotl Basement membrane marker N/A Robust Godwin Lab 4
Collagen type I ECM markers Sigma/Millipore 1:100~1:500 PFA,other IHC-P,IF- Froz need antibody retrieval by ProK (5mg/ml) 20min or longer (PFA) N/A N/A satoh lab 4
Collagen Type II ECM markers 1:200-1:500 PFA,Methanol II-II6B3-c (Do not buy CIIC1-a for axolotl tissues) N/A N/A Need antigen retrieval (PFA) by ProK (5mg/ml) 20min or longer 4
collagen type IV ECM markers Abcam 500 PFA IHC-P Rabbit Poly Axolotl,human,Zebrafish Good antibody to visualize the basement membrane in skin Ab6586 works well in double immonuhistochemitry with anti-Pan cytokeratin (AE1/AE3) from AbCam Ab 961 Roy lab Montreal 5
CTSK Immune cells Abcam 1:50 IF- Froz Rabbit Poly Axolotl ab19027 N/A Camilo Riquelme-Guzmán / Sandoval-Guzmán Lab -9999
Fibronectin ECM markers Abcam no 0.180555556 PFA IF- Froz Rabbit Poly ab23750 Fibronectin ECM N/A Godwin Lab -9999
GFAP Neural markers Other,Sigma/Millipore 0.111111111 PFA IF- Froz Mouse IgG1 GA5 stains ependymal cells in the brain and spinal cord MAB360 sections treated with boiling 0.1M citrate buffer at room temp for 10mins Echeverri lab 5
GFAP Stem cells Other Done 0.388888889 PFA IHC-Froz Rabbit Poly DAKO (Z033401-2) Z033401-2 N/A Do not freeze! Rosario/Sanchez-Gonzalez 5
HSP60 Other Cell Signaling 0.736111111 WB Rabbit monoclonal Tested in eye, lung and brain tissues. 12165 Georgios Tsissios/Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Lab 5
Myelin associated glycoprotein Neural markers Sigma/Millipore 0.215277778 PFA,Methanol IF- Froz Mouse IgG1 513 Axolotl postfix the slides for 10mins with Methanol MAB1567 N/A Echeverri 5
NeuN Neural markers Abcam done 0.388888889 PFA IHC-Froz Rabbit Poly Axolotl Ab177487 N/A Rosario/ Sanchez-Gonzalez 4
NeuN Neural markers Sigma/Millipore 0.180555556 PFA,Methanol IF- Froz Mouse IgG1 A60 Axolotl epitope retrieval, boiling citrate buffer pH6.0 for 10mins MAB377 N/A Echeverri -9999
Osteocalcin Other 1:50 IF- Froz Rabbit Poly Axolotl ab198228 N/A Camilo Riquelme-Guzmán / Sandoval-Guzmán Lab -9999
p44/42 MAPK (Erk1/2) Other Cell Signaling 0.736111111 WB Rabbit Poly Newt Tested in whole eye tissue, and liver fibroblasts 9102 Georgios Tsissios/Katia Del Rio Tsonis Lab 5
PCNA Other SantaCruz 1:500 (Frozen sections); 1:200 (paraffin sections) other IF- Froz,IHC-P PC10 Axolotl,mouse Anti-PCNA Antibody (PC10) is a mouse monoclonal IgG2a (kappa light chain) PCNA antibody provided at 200 µg/ml. sc-56 AF647 N/A Antigen retrieval is necessary: for 12 mkm frozen axolotl sections, 20 min in Dako Antigen retrieval solution 1:10 in PBS, 80*C (same for mouse sections); for 5 mkm paraffin sections - 40 min, Dako Antigen retrieval solution 1:10 in PBS, 86*C. Block with 5% BSA in PBS with 0.1% Tween-20 1 h, RT; stain with anti-PCNA-AF647 2h, RT in blocking solution. After that, another primary antibody can be used ON, cold room. Anastasia/Tanaka Lab 5
Phos ERK Other Cell Signaling 1:100~1:500 PFA WB,IF- Froz,IHC-Froz #9101S N/A N/A There is a "LOT" variation. satoh lab 3
phos-FGFR Other Cell Signaling 1:50-1:100 PFA 3471 N/A N/A use higher concentration for axolotl tissues satoh lab 3
phospho c-Jun Other Cell Signaling 0.111111111 PFA IF- Froz,WB Rabbit Poly 9261 N/A tested on spinal cord sections, slides heated to 70C in PBS for 30mins directly after rehydrating. -9999
Phospho-p44/42 MAPK (Erk1/2) (Thr202/Tyr204) Other Cell Signaling 1:1000 for WB, 1:200 IHC-P PFA IHC-P,WB Rabbit Poly Newt Tested in eye, lung, brain, lung tissues with WB. Tested in eye and immune cells with IHC-P 9101 N/A Georgios Tsissios/ Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Lab 5
phospho-Smad 1/5 Other Cell Signaling 2000 PFA IHC-P,WB Rabbit monoclonal 41D10 Axolotl,human,mouse For Western blots the proteins are isolated in Laemmli buffer containing 200mM DTT and 50mM NaF. 9516 Roy lab Montreal 5
phosphorylated Histone H3 Other Abcam 0.180555556 PFA IHC-P,IHC-Froz Rabbit monoclonal E173 Newt,Axolotl 32107 Georgios Tsissios/ Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Lab 5
Prrx1 Mesenchymal markers 0.180555556 other IF- Froz,IF-P Rabbit Poly Axolotl,mouse anti-PRRX1 rabbit polyclonal antibody developed in the lab of PhD Elly M. Tanaka by PhD Prayag Murawala. Antibody raised against Axolotl N-terminus (1-101 aa). NA For the paraffin sections, antigen retrieval with TE buffer, 30 min, 80*C. Block in 5%BSA/ PBS-0.1%Tween 20, 1h, RT. Primary antibody 1:200 ON, cold room (+6*C). Anastasia Polikarpova/ Tanaka lab 5
Smooth muscle actin Other Invitrogen/ThermoFisher 500 PFA IHC-P Mouse IgG2a 1A4 Axolotl this antibody recognizes alpha smooth muscle actin in smooth muscles. It is also used as a marker for myofibroblasts. MS-113-P0, -P1 Roy lab Montreal 4
Tenascin ECM markers DSHB no 0.180555556 PFA,Acid alcohol,Methanol IF- Froz,IHC-Froz Mouse IgM M1-B4 The M1-B4 epitope is preserved is Zenker's fixative or freeze-substituted paraffin sections (see PMID: 2464073). Historically, this antigen has been known as myotendinous antigen, neuronectin, glioma-associated ECM antigen and cytotactin. 3
test1 ECM markers DSHB no PFA IF- Froz Mouse IgM NA N/A N/A james 1
Vimentin Stem cells DSHB done 0.388888889 PFA IHC-Froz Mouse IgM 40 EC Axolotl It labels radial glia cells in the Axolotl brain 40E-C N/A Rosario/ Sanchez-Gonzalez 5
WE3wound epithelium & transport/secretory cell protein, 42 kDa Epithelial DSHB no unknown gene 0.180555556 Methanol IF- Froz WE3 Newt,Axolotl Activation marker for blastema WE 3
βB1-crystallin Other SantaCruz 1:50 PFA WB Mouse IgM Newt 374496 N/A Georgios Tsissios/Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Lab 5