This is a compilation of most useful resources for axolotl research. If you have created a resource and would like to list it here, then please write an email to with the details.

Axolotl Genome

  1. UCSC genome browser (link) - Maintained by AGSC (Smith et al, Genome Research, 2019; Nowoshilow et al, Nature, 2018)
  2. USCS genome browser (link) - Maintained by Tanaka Lab (Schloissing et al, PNAS, 2021; Nowoshilow et al, Nature, 2018)

Axolotl Transcriptome

  1. Axolotl-omics website (link) - Maintained by Tanaka Lab (Nowoshilow et al, Experimental Cell Research, 2020)
  2. Axolotl Transcriptomics Portal (link) - (Bryant et al., Cell Reports, 2017)

Axolotl Resources

  1. Sal-site (link) – Maintained by AGSC - NIH P40 funded Ambystoma genomic stock center for many useful resources and ordering axolotl
  2. Axologl (link) – Maintained by Tanaka Lab – in situ hybridization images of many limb blastema genes (Knapp et al, Plos One, 2013)
  3. Wiki (link) – Wikipedia page maintained by Tanaka Lab – for day-to-day resources

Salamander Research Network

  1. A Slack Workspace has been setup to facilitate communication among salamander researchers. If you have not already signed up, please contact Moshe Khurgel for an invitation to join!

Other Salamander Resources

  1. Notopthalmus viridescenes transcriptome (Braun Lab)
  2. Notopthalmus viridescenes transcriptome (Simon Lab)
  3. Pleurodeles waltl transcriptome (Hayashi Lab)